Before our classes begin each Sunday, we serve coffee along with a light breakfast from approximately 9:15-9:30am. The following classes begin at 9:30am:

Digging Deeper

Charlie & Debbie Briggs

An adult Bible study class led by Bro. Charlie Briggs and assisted by his wife Debbie. Charlie is our music director and long-time deacon.


He leads an interactive style Bible study class where the Word of God is discussed, dissected, and applied to daily living.

New Beginnings

Doug & Caroline Kier

An adult Bible study class led by Bro. Doug Kier and assisted by his wife Caroline. Doug is our IT director and sound booth man. He leads this Bible study class which welcomes any and all adults who want to grow in their relationship with the Word of God and the author of the Word, Jesus Christ.

Search the Scriptures

Mr. Brian Evancho

An adult Bible study class led by Bro. Brian Evancho. Brian is passionate about God's Word and it shows! This class currently meets in the Local Assembly Coffee Room.


Brian is married to Lisa Evancho and they have two boys, River & Jackson.

Teen Sunday School

Jonathan & Lizzi Riesco

A teen (7th-12th grade) Bible study class led by Mr. Jonathan Riesco. Jonathan grew up in the country of Chile.


He is married to Lizzi Riesco and they have three precious daughters. He is our youth leader (assisted by his wife) and has a passion to disciple young people in the Lord!

Jr. Disciples

Pastor Josh & Teya Miller

A children's Sunday School class led by Pastor Josh and assisted by his wife Teya. Pastor Josh is our senior pastor. This is an exciting class for boys and girls grades 2-6 to learn God's Word and have fun doing so! Steve & Giovanna Burton assist in this class.

Treasure Seekers

Mrs. Heather Barto

Children ages 4-1st grade enjoy crafts, papers, Bible songs, & Bible stories on their level. Mrs. Heather Barto leads this class and is assisted by Mrs. Lisa Evancho. Your youngster will love this class learning God's Word!

Sunday School Nursery

Mrs. Debbie Wood

This is for our infants from birth through three years of age during the Sunday School hour and is led by Mrs. Debbie Wood. She has been a faithful member of our church since 2019.