Adult Bible Study Classes

Our Adult Bible Classes, beginning at 9:30am each Sunday, provide a setting in which relationships can be nurtured while being taught the Word of God. The small classroom setting can provide quality instruction time with knowledgeable teachers. Our teachers care for and love their students! Every week a new lesson from God’s Word is prepared and taught by the teachers of our church. Click here to see all classes offered!

Sunday School Classes

We love children here at Kingsway Baptist Church! At 9:30am each Sunday, classes are available for all ages of your children. Children learn songs, hear Bible-based stories/truths presented at their level, and are loved by faithful, trusted teachers. For more information on each class offered, click here.

Prime Timers - 55+
Loving God, Loving Others

Join this group for fellowship with people who love God and love others. This group meets periodically to foster fellowship among God's people.


You will meet others your age and have the opportunity to build relationships. Life is about relationships and this group will encourage you to love others and build those relationships!