*Mask Update

Our church leadership has decided to make a slight change regarding the wearing of masks in the services. Per recommendation from the National Center for Life & Liberty, a Christian legal organization that our church supports, the following policy will be in effect beginning August 2, 2020:

How does the mask requirement affect my church and church services?

If you are in a locality that is requiring masks, we suggest your church provide masks and recommend your congregants wear masks into the church building, but when they reach their seat, take them off if they wish to do so. This would legally protect your church and allow congregants to make their own decisions.

If someone is not wearing a mask, should he or she be allowed to stay in the church service?

In the same way many restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores are reacting, if patrons refuse to wear masks, as long as they are not hurting others by their actions, they can be allowed to stay. If individuals are respecting social distance guidelines and not engaging in inflammatory behavior, allowing them not to wear masks is acceptable.

What if someone has a medical exception?

All governor mandates and the ruling by the Supreme Court allow people to opt out of wearing masks due to medical concerns. Details of any medical concern need not to be communicated to anyone. This is private, protected information. Social distancing requirements must still be followed, but they are exempted from wearing a mask.

Cloth face covernings should not be worn by:

  • Children younger than two years old.
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing
  • Anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face coverning without assistance.

Due to these recommendations, we are asking you to wear a mask in/out of the building and when walking around. However, when you get to your seat, you are more than welcome to remove your mask. We will apply these guidelines to both the SS hour & the AM/PM services. 

If you feel uncomfortable gathering with us under these guidelines, please join us online on our church YouTube channel here: 


Our Plan to Reassemble

In light of President Donald Trump’s declaration (May 22nd) that “houses of worship, churches, synagogues, and mosques” to be “essential places that provide essential services,” we will be implementing safety procedures to be followed by all who enter our facilities to attend a church service.

Since March 15, we have willingly and happily submitted ourselves to the governor's request for places of worship out of the desire to seek the well-being and safety of our church family and community, and as we move forward we will still respect and follow the social distancing guidelines that have been requested for New Jersey residents to follow during this time. We desire to be cautious about our gatherings while also returning to our biblical conviction that the church assembles together. 

Before listing these specific procedures, there are several things every person needs to know:

  • First, our approach to this unusual time in our country’s history is to remain, first and foremost, faithful to God’s Word. We do believe we should respect & obey governmental authorities (Romans 13). However, when government edicts go against clear Scriptural principle, we will always hold to the Scripture and “obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29).”
  • Secondly, every context is different. In other words, each church has its own set of circumstances to consider in relation to its city, county, state, buildings, property, and so much more. Please remain patient as we seek to do what is best in our context.
  • Third, this is all tentative! If we have learned anything in this season it is that changes happen frequently (often daily, and even hourly). Be prepared to be flexible due to the fluid nature of this time period regarding our guidelines.

Church Gathering Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established by our church leadership in accordance with the guidelines established by the CDC for “communities of faith.” The CDC has stated “The federal government may not prescribe standards for interactions of faith communities in houses of worship, and in accordance with the First Amendment, no faith community should be asked to adopt any mitigation strategies that are more stringent than the mitigation strategies asked of similarly situated entities or activities.”

With that in mind, we are asking all who attend our services to abide by these guidelines:

1. Do not come to church if you are sick.


2. Signs will be posted around our building asking you to maintain the 6 feet social distancing guidelines as requested by the CDC. Do not shake hands with or hug other people and keep your proper distance. Only immediate family members will be seated together.


3. Due to our bathrooms being rather confined, we have installed latches on the inside of both the men’s & women’s bathrooms. We are asking that when using the restrooms, please latch the door behind you so that we only have one person (or family unit) at a time in each restroom.


4. Ten minutes before the service begins and ten minutes after the service ends, our front doors (double-doors) will be propped completely open.


5. As always, we have a hand sanitation dispenser in the handicap hallway for all to use. Please use it frequently.


6. Seating in the sanctuary will be adjusted to accommodate social distancing guidelines (seating every other pew & six feet distance between family units). Upon arriving, the ushers will direct you to your seat. Please follow their guidance. Most likely, you will not be able to sit in your preferred seating (as in the past). All of us have been inconvenienced and will for some time regarding this pandemic. Please be patient & understanding regarding the seating.


7. Instead of receiving the offering and passing the plate, an offering deposit box will be set up in the back of the church (on small table) for tithes & financial gifts. As always, online giving remains.


8. Our cleaning team will have wiped down and sanitized the entrance and exits, sanctuary, restrooms, and the lobby before each service.


9. Please keep as much of your fellowship as possible in the church parking lot.

Closing Words

As time moves along more adjustments will be made. We are extremely hopeful that by the end of the summer many ministries will take form again, and perhaps some earlier than that. Thank you for praying for us and remaining patient as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Pastor Josh