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-Pastor Josh


Pastor Jim Fish & family arrived in the township in 1975. He conducted the first church service of the new Kingway Baptist Church on November 28, 1975. Having no church building of our own, we rented the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Woodbury for 19 months.  Since the Seventh Day Adventists observe the Sabbath on Saturday, it was a very convenient arrangement.

We  later rented the Little Red Schoolhouse in Mickleton, which was closer to many members. When the congregation outfrew this place, we moved to the Mt. Royal Firehouse for services, but still held Sunday School class at the Little Red Schoolhouse site.

Six acres of land were purchased in 1977 on the  Kings Highway in Mickleton. We paid cash for the land and sold $150,000 worth of bonds in 1-1/2 days to raise money to build the church.

On Easter Sunday, 1979, we held our first service in the beautiful new church building.

Pastor Jim Fish

Pastor Jim Fish is the founding pastor of Kingsway Baptist Church. With a burden in his heart and encouragement from his Pastor, Paul Vanaman of Dixie Baptist Church in Clarkston, Michigan, Pastor Fish felt the Lord wanted him to start a church in southern New Jersey. In 1975, Pastor and Mrs. Fish moved from Michigan with their seven children (at the time) and came to Gloucester County to plant a Bible-Believing church. The family arrived in September 1975 and the inaugural service of the church occurred the week after Thanksgiving.


For forty years, Pastor Fish was faithful to the Lord, his family and his church. A 1974 graduate of Midwestern Bible College (Dr. Tom Malone), Pastor Fish was known for preaching straight, practical messages that helped many Christians grow in the Word and in faith. Upon his retirement from Kingsway Baptist Church in September of 2015, he & his wife continue to be faithful to God. He & Mrs. Fish are the parents of ten children and many, many grandchildren & great-grandchildren.

  • Established in 1975 when Pastor Jim Fish moved to south Jersey with his family of nine (at the time) from Michigan to begin this church.
  • First service was the Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving, 1975.
  • For the first 19 months, we rented the Seventh-Day Aventist church in Woodbury to meet as a church family. When that was no longer available,  we rented space in The Little Red Schoolhouse in Mickleton, along with the Mt. Royal Fire Hall.
  • During the time of renting space to meet, our church was able to purchase six acres from a Mr. Heritage on the Kings Highway in Mickleton to build our future building.
  • 1979 - We held our first service in Easter of this year in the new building.
  • 2015 - Pastor Fish retires after 40 years of ministry. Josh Miller succeeds him as only the 2nd pastor in the church's history.